"Arnt you a little too old...

...to be writing your name on the window?" That one stung a little. Not really the part about scribbling on a frosty bus window having an age restriction that I have long since surpassed. No, it was more the part about me being old; apparently noticeably old. I think I gave her some generic answer like "You're never to old." To which the women, probably in her late 60s, replied "Well at least it's just on the window." Then she added "Right?" as if to insinuate that I might actually write my name in less desirable places; like on a wall or a building or something.
No, I don't write graff. However, the fact that she thought I might and wasn't pleased about it, made me laugh a little. Plus she just called me on being old. So being the jerk that I am, I just shrugged my shoulder and gave her a mischievous grin, as if to say "Maybe, maybe not?" Then I put my headphones on and wrote my name on the window again.

Almost immediately, I started feeling bad about our interaction. Maybe she'd had vandals write gang graffiti on her garage or something. Dang, maybe she had written her own name on her window and was just being sarcastic about the age thing, as she was obviously older than me. For all I know, she was probably kidding and I took it too personal. After all, I tend to be an irascible asshole sometimes. How was she to know that I'm overly and unnecessarily sensitive to stupid terms like "old" being applied to me? Before I got off the bus, I wished her a good evening; this time with a genuine smile. She returned with a genuine smile of her own and perhaps feeling bad herself, said "Take care of yourself, young man."

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