Does This Face Look Almost Mean?

I know you're all shitting your tight pants with anticipation but I'm waiting a minute to put up this years Best Of list. I'm holding out for the possible inclusion of The Wrestler. I haven't had a chance to see it yet but it opens here tonight. So by the end of the weekend I should be all set. Until then, here is a picture me attempting devil-lockage™ at an Italian spot in St. Paul-a city I am friends with again.

The rest of these are graff pics, also from STPL; taken after the Vampire Hands/Blind Shake/Birthday Suits show at the Turf Club last Saturday...which I realized is the exact same show I went to three years ago. With the exception of me not getting any frozen food from Grant Hart and everyone being three years older, it was pretty much the same. Well, maybe there was more flannel. Not sure how this relates but I'll mention it anyway; last night on the TV, they said that this year it's out with the Metrosexual and in with the Retrosexual. They were talking mostly about chest hair implants (???) and dudes wanting to look like Tom Selleck again, which I assume would mean mustaches too. Perhaps not so coincidentally, MSN says 'staches are back. Anyway, here are those pics I was talking about: