It takes many small swings to bring down the biggest tree

I just walked in on a conversation in the break room about how not to eat an entire pizza in one sitting. One guy was explaining that he likes to talk to his stomach, saying things like "Stomach, half a pizza will make us just as happy as a whole pizza." The other guy admitted to making a box of mac n' cheese, bringing the pan and a fork to bed with him and eating the whole thing while watching tv. Apparently this makes you too full to want to eat an entire pizza. Hmmm, interesting tactic. I imagine that would work. See, it's been really slow around here today. I've been killing time by thinking about what kind of jacket I would get, if I was to get a new jacket. So the discussion of pizza eating...or not eating, as it may be, was a nice break from thinking about jackets...which I am now back to doing.

I don't really see myself as a pea coat guy.

I just don't think I'm slim enough to pull off the double breast. (That's what she said.) Also, I'm not into the whole popping the collars thing either and I'm pretty sure that in order for the pea coat to be effective in cold weather, you need to pop the collar. Of course some might say that's what a scarf is for.

If I was to buy a wool coat, I'd be more inclined to go with the equally classic car coat; a single line of buttons and a more modest collar.

Plus, if you really had to, you could probably get away with a hoodie underneath, looking less obnoxious than it would with a pea coat.

I think my first choice would probably be the motorcycle jacket. Not the zipper version, like the Ramones or the Hells Angels, but the classic "naked" version shown below.

There are a couple reasons I've never purchased one of these before. First of all, they don't go well with baggier jeans, which I wore up until a few years ago. And secondly, again, the problem with this jacket, is that it looks better on skinny dudes, which I am not. Occasionally I look for used motorcycle jackets but I swear they are all sized for 12 year old boys and heroin addicts.
So yeah, I probably won't be getting a new jacket anytime soon but it was fun to think about for awhile. Now I'm gonna go home and try not to eat a entire pizza.

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