Happy (Belated) Birthday Me

Last night we had a late birthday thingy for me at the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

Matt was there, with a fantastic wood paneled button up. He got me a Cherri magazine, which came with two free DVDs. A step up from last years Club, which only came with one.

My lady Courtney, looking fabulous, as usual.

The man, the legendary Mr. Patrow. A Starbucks gift card and a subscription to GQ magazine. It's nice to know, when you leave one demographic there's another one waiting for you. I wonder what GQ says about flannel...

We had some happy hour beers and talked about wholesome things like St. Paul bar killings and shooting models-not with a camera, but with a gun. As in "You think you're so pretty; let's see what you look like with a face full of lead and a slug in your chest."

Jer was there too! Fresh from a vacation on Temptation Island or something. Not the reality show, but the actual place.

Matt had considered ordering the deep fried cauliflower as his meal and asked us to please refrain from judging him for doing so. We talked him into pizza and instead shared the deep fry as an app. Poppers too, which is a fan favorite in this crowd.
And finally, after a few more beers, the pizza...

Great friends, beer and pizza; what more could a guy ask for?

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