Nobody Beats Our Meat

You know how every now and then you find yourself in the kind of place that makes you realize why you don't go to the type of place that you just found yourself in? Well that wasn't exactly the case last night at Mayslacks but at the same time it sorta was. You follow me? I don't really like Mayslacks but I don't really hate it either. It's the kind of place that just exists. Normally I don't like the bands that play there and they almost always charge a 5 dollar cover. For whatever reason, I've always had friends that like to go there though. Anyway, our buddie's band was playing and there was a handful of good people to hang with. So last night was alright. I had many ounces of beer and I'm paying for it today. What did I learn? Nothing I didn't know already. Except that chick from Blaine, that wanted to do me, had a really bad tattoo. Sorry, no pics. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

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