And I was dreaming, I was dreaming of you.

Death Tour, day 3, Portland.

Breakfast at some rednecky sports bar. We asked the waitress if she could put on the Big 10 station so we could watch the Gophers. She said she couldn't because "nobody watches basketball anymore." Aaahhhh okay??? Then we did touristy stuff for the rest of the day. Burnside skatepark, Powell Books, Nike outlet, etc. Cruised the discount racks at Everyday Music. Picked up R.E.M.-Green and 1 Speed Bike-Droopy Butt Begone! for a dollar each. I just assumed 1 Speed Bike was an anarchist crust punk band because it looks like this and this. I thought for a dollar, why not? I was way off base; it's actually this but I aint mad at it. When it was time to leave, we found Russ on his hands and knees looking at cassette singles, or cassingles, from the early 90's. Unfortunately they did not have Ralph Tresvant-Sensitivity.

Eventually it was showtime. Murder City Devils at the Roseland Theater!

A few songs in, Spencer looked up to the balcony, where most people were still sitting and said something to the effect of "Glad to see we're having such a moving effect on you." Then he gave us the finger. Inspired by the moment, and out of beer, we decided to head down.

They really brought again this night. I think it was pretty much the same set we had seen in Seattle but it didn't matter much to us. It also probably didn't matter to the guy that we saw at both shows, with the band's logo painted on the back of his leather jacket. (Sorry, no pic, but trust me, it's very real...and awesome.)
It brought a smile, and damn near a tear to my eye, to see Rafe, who had never had the chance to see MCD when they were a full-time band, getting into it at these two shows. I think he really likes Bear Away and Midnight Service at the Mutter Museum the best. And how could you not? That album, Thelema, that those two songs come from was full of so much promise. Spencer dove in and crowd surfed for the last song.

Afterwards we went to Voodoo Donuts, where we learned the hard way, that when you've been drinking, "one donut is good but two donuts is bad."

The next day, we left before Russ and Andrea were even awake and hit the highway back to Seattle. I jumped on the plane and slept for nearly the entire flight home. As Buddy Wayne would say, "The road will own ya." Death Tour complete.

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