Sweet & Sour

The BITTER show was last weekend at the gallery. We had an excellent opening night reception, complete with all the shenanigans and hi jinks you've come to expect from the B.A.G. Saturday's turn-out wasn't bad either. Lots of folks came down, including many of the artist's families. I always love our theme shows because you never know how what your gonna get. This one had wooden brass knuckles, self-portraits, maternity pants with the crotch torn out, and a frame by frame display of Darrin Nelson's famous end zone pass dropping in the 1987 NFC championship game.

And then when the show is over and everyone is gone and people are drunk, you do stuff like this...

Next theme show (scheduled for April 17th and 18th) is Wrestling, and believe it or not, I am not the one that thought of it...but you know damn well I'm gonna bring it. Put it on your calendars now, brother!

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