Take off your boots, pour a drink. Try not to cry, try not to think.

Lately, some really bad things have been happening to some really good people.
So we do things to stay busy; to try not to think. Watch movies, exercise...cook.

I read an excerpt from the Bob Marley biography Catch A Fire several years ago. He had a man-"Gilly" or something-in his crew that would go to the Kingston market every Sunday and buy ital vegetables and food to prepare for that days feasts.
Sometimes I envision myself as that guy...except, unless the farmer's market is going, I go to a grocery store. Also, I'm not Rastafarian and usually I'm not cooking for a communal meal...but you get the idea; it's fun to pretend. It's another way to escape.

Sunday morning breakfast burrito, the latest incarnation.
Stay strong Lora. Keep your head up Jonna. Hang in there Christopher. We got your back.

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