These three words mean you're gettin' busy

Death Tour, day 2. Empty bottles left behind, Portland bound.
Russ and his lovely girlfriend Andrea would be our generous hosts for the next two nights. They have this really cool place outside of Portland, in Oregon City. Each room has a different theme and is appropriately named. There is "The Lodge"- a wood paneled room with a squeaky bed, where I stayed, "That 70's Room"- a smoker's lounge complete with tye dye tapestries, a turquoise couch and an oddly shaped coffee table and a "throwback kitchen with modern lighting"- which is exactly what it is. Also, in the garage there is a bathroom with a glass paneled door. Think about that for a minute. We had some beers and got all caught up on each other's current events. Later that night, Russ and Andrea's friends Adam and Liza had us over for pot roast, which I'm not sure if they knew or not, was very Minnesota of them...and very much appreciated. Mounted on the wall in Adam's man room (aka-the garage) is Buck, the Singing Trophy Deer.

We took turns having Buck tell jokes like "Did you hear about the fire at the circus? It was in tents." and "Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? The food isn't great but the atmosphere is nice ." We also played Mike Tyson's Punchout and Super Mario Brothers on an original NES. Then we headed into Milwaukie for good times at this awesome place, Bo's. It was karaoke night, of course. The bartender was like the best singer ever but he had a knack for slow painful lovelorn songs. So it was like really good and really bad all at the same time.

Russ said he would do any song we signed him up for. Rafe picked Whoomp There It Is. Although he had a little help for a few versus by a guy that claimed to be a rapper, it was essentially the worst version of the song you'd ever hear; and by that I mean, it was the best.

I've known Russ-real name Aaron (breaking kayfabe here)- for over ten years now. When I first met him he was known by another name and he had purple hair that matched his Dinosaur Jr. tee. Not only has he been a great friend for all these years, but a constant source of entertainment as well...

Once I got back to "The Lodge," I crashed the eff out. Two days and I'm already wrecked.

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  1. Oh no. You broke kayfabe. Tsk tsk. The Harasser will get you for that.