We get our lovin' when the sun comes up

Day one of the Death Tour started super early; the still-dark-outside kind of early, and not by my choice. I'll just say, Northwest Airlines, a fan I am not. Arrived in Seattle about the time most folks are starting their day. I guess you could say I was too. Actually I was about 4 hours into it already. Rafe picked me up and we checked into our hotel, The Belltown Inn. Really cool; everything is new and super-clean. Plus its fairly affordable and it's located within' walking distance of the Market and other stuff. Not sure about Capital Hill? If you had a bike, then for sure, but we didn't venture there this time. Nice rooftop too. My brother just recently started watching The Wire so he was obsessed with looking out the window at all the crackheads and dealers mingling about the dog park below us. He was throwing around terms like "little hoppers", "corner boys" and "the re-up." We walked to get coffee at a place called Cherry Street, where the employees appeared to be having a weird facial hair competition. They put nice little designs in their lattes. Eventually we made our way to the market and ate fresh fish n' chips. Seattle has lots of graff everywhere, so you know I'm down. Spotted a whole wall done by our Minneapolis boy Deuce Seven (27.) Stopped at a punk record store called Singles Going Steady. Not a bad spot at all but once you're used to shopping at Extreme Noise, it's hard to be impressed by anything else. I bought used Def Choice, Strong Intention and Dodsdomd 7 inches.

Eventually we ended up back at the Belltown for a little r-n-r and a whole lot of Kokanee, or as we like to call it, the Canadien Budweiser. I was able to catch some of NWA Anarchy on a public access station. I hadn't seen those guys since they were NWA Wildside and were played at 4am on channel 45. Looks like the same old promotion. We laughed as we tried to describe, in a phone conversation with our father, that the Murder City Devils "are not as evil as the name sounds; not that it would be a bad thing if they were." Once we were good and ready, we headed down to The Showbox. Walked in part way into opener Past Lives' set. The house was packed.
I was really impressed by this club. It looked as though, you can see the stage from most anywhere in the place. No sooner had we grabbed beers and began to settle in when some chick asked me where I'm from. Not that I looked any different from anyone else; I think she was just making conversation. When I told her Minneapolis, she laughed and said something to the effect of "Oh it's really boring there." Jesus man, are people really that sheltered? I asked if she'd ever been to the TC and of course she hadn't. She told us that she has never lived anywhere but Seattle. The reason was so that she would never have to waste her vacations traveling home, and instead, could go anywhere she wanted. Rafe, being a resident of Bellingham, could totally understand that, having made two trips to Minnesota a year since moving out west. I asked her where she'd traveled to. Her reply, "Portland." Ha fucking ha! Citing an article I had read a few hours earlier in some local rag, I asked her why people from Seattle think Portland is so much better and she replied "Because it is!" Then I think she felt weird about it and maybe kind of embarrassed and exposed. So we switched gears and talked about the Murder City Devils instead. Not long after that, thankfully, they hit the stage.

I guess if you know me, you've probably have heard it by now, but for whatever reason, I just love this band. I fell in love with them the very first time I saw them back in the 7th St. Entry, many years ago. Spencer Moody, like Sean Daley, is one of those guys that write songs that appeal to guys like me. The kind that make me think "Damn it, I could have written that song." But in reality, I could never have written that song because I don't have the skills to articulate myself in that way. To transcribe my emotions into words that people, like myself, can identify with. When Spencer screams "We make a choice. We make it everyday. To get up in the morning. TO BEAR AWAY!" or "I never wanted you to be left BEHIND!" It's like he's tearing the thoughts right out of my brain. I know, I know, shut up already. Ok.

So yeah, the Murder City Devils killed us in Seattle that night.
Death Tour continues...Portland up next...


  1. Very cool that you got to see this show. Was it all the original members playing? It looks like, from your grainy photos at least, that the drummer was even involved. I thought that Big Business/Melvins action would halt his involvement.

    The band played their original "farewell" show when I visited friends out there during Halloween of 2001. Missed that one but did get to see The Buff Medways at the laundromat/club. Good times. Lot's of hills and crazy streets that go all over the place. Luckily I was with friends who know the city.

    Your encounter with the girl at the club rings so true.

  2. Yes, all orginal members. For whatever reason I just cannot figure out how to take decent concert pics with my camera. Jared, the other half of Big Business was actually in attendance as well. This is like the 3rd time I've traveled to see the MCD reunite actually. I guess they are sort of my Grafeful Dead. Ok gross, let's pretend I didn't say that. Thanks for the comment.

  3. alol imagining Rafe's Wired-inspired comments. You should really have a warning when frog pictures are displayed.