What the EFF!?!?

I probably say "what the fuck?"...or more like "what the fuck!" about a million times a day. Mostly when I'm irritated by something really stupid and usually under my breath. Like when you try getting out of your chair and your keys-which are attached to a carabiner and hanging from the beltloop of your Levis 514s-get caught on the chair, causing you a very brief but very annoying inconvenience. WTF! Or when you have to zip your Spiewak jacket-that you bought on sale, approximately 9 years ago at Urban Outfitters-all the way up to your chin because it's so damn cold, and the zipper snags a beard hair, causing a very quick but very painful experience. WTF! This morning, on the bus, I was struggling to get my pirate wallet-that J~Sho gave me as a gag gift, but now I have to use because my old leather one that I've had since high school finally ripped in half-out of my back pocket. I was just about to say "What the fuck!" when I got hit with one of those euphoric feelings-like you're in the spirit world in the movie Young Guns-that makes you say, really slowly "W-h-a-t--t-h-e--f-u-c-k???" The song on my headphones-'Cable Babies' from Japanther's album Skuffed Up My Huffy, which you can download for free here-hit me at the exact same time that this cute black girl-with tight black jeans, green and yellow Nike Dunks and a turquoise hoodie-floated her way across the sidewalk; probably on her way to class. Everything was perfect for just a second. Several stops later, when I got off the bus-in some dirty ass melted snow-I saw this...

Of course I was all like WTF again but this time it was more of a "?!?!" type of WTF. "Am I still in the spirit world here, or what?!" For second, I thought that shit was real.

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