When I see my inner city child, I'll be walkin' on a cloud.

I like my job most days but today is one of those days I really like my job. Step out of the arctic air into the cafeteria, rock-n-roll is blaring, the kids are all having a good time and the dude behind the counter hands you a free coffee. Yeah, these are the good ones. Reminds me why I never want to go back to cube land. Not that it won't happen some day, out of necessity, but for right now: no thanks. I wanna grab one of these kids-the ones that had the balls to leave the university system to chase their dreams-and tell them not to ever change. Maybe the one with the Superman backpack? Tell him to never grow up and stop wearing hoodies...Well, maybe stop wearing pull-over hoodies...and loose the all-over print. Go with a plain zip-up...but don't ever grow up and stop wearing hoodies. And keep making those beats man; those beats are hot. Yeah, these are the good ones.

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