It's cold and it's black but it's beating

I feel like I'm never the first one to say "Good morning." or "How are you today?" I'm always having to be like "Not bad" or "Pretty good" or whatever; and then almost as if it didn't occur to me to ask, I'm like "...Oh yeah, and how about you?" This bothers me a bit. Am I that selfish? (Yeah, probably.) I don't think that it's because I'm not interested. It's just that, for whatever reason, I don't think to ask right away. Someone who thinks they are really smart would probably tell me that it's because I'm an introvert or something. Whatever. Anyway, I've been attempting to change this behaviour and beat people to the punch, so to speak. Also, I've been trying really hard to ask my roommate or my girlfriend how their day was before they ask me.

In other news...


  1. I always say it first but I never know how to end those kinds of conversations...I always feel all awkward about it.

  2. YOu say it more than you know you do...:)