Dear BikeNewBlack, Still Hungry?

Dear BikeNewBlack,
Haven't seen any pics of food on the blog lately. Plus you're wearing skinny jeans now?!? Any correlation? Dude, everything alright? Also, now that it's spring, I'm cracking out my jean jacket. I know there is a rule but I can't remember it. Help.
Dear Vane$$a,
Love the dollar signs. For you ladies, it's quite a bit easier to sport the jean jacket than it is for us guys. I worked in a stereotypical office setting for a couple years; and I was shocked at how the jean jacket had infiltrated the business casual scene. At least for the women, that is. Whenever I would try to address this with my denim-clad female associates, I would be quickly dismissed as if I was trying to start trouble. I was genuinely curious because I had never seen the jean jacket incorporated into so many good looking outfits before. But since I have a rep for ruffling people's feathers, I never got to have an actual conversation about it. So eventually I derived that the jean jacket had not, in fact, infiltrated the business casual scene. At least not legally. Rather, these girls were breaking the rules, so to speak; and by me constantly bringing it up, it might attract the attention of management. Thus, there would be an office memo or addendum or some other corporate office bullshit, and the jean jacket would be outlawed. Anyway, I assume the rule you're thinking of is the one about the jean jacket not being identical to the jeans. When attempting this combo, it's a fine line between doing it right and doing it wrong; so be careful. First things first: never wear two different colors of jean material at the same time. Especially not black and blue. In fact, stay away from colored denim all-together. It's best to just stick with blue for both the jacket and the jeans. However, make sure that the jacket and jeans are not of the same wash. In other words, one should be more faded than the other. For a more adventurous look, cut the sleeves off your jean jacket. Although I'm not really sure what purpose a jean jacket vest serves, if worn correctly, it can make you look really tough. Thanks for writing in. Hope that helps.
ps-here ya go...

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