F'd Up on a Wednesday Night.

As you may know, I am a guy who does stuff. So in keeping with that tradition, I went to the Triple Rock on Wednesday night to see Fucked Up again. Unfortunately I missed the opener, Totally Harsh, which is Mary something or other from various bands, including Pandamonium and Fits of Fury, and Jim from Ass and Ganglion. "Gawd, why do I know this?" I did get to see Bring That Shit, the newish band by the singer from Pandamonium and Ben Crew, who has been/is in about a million local bands. "He's pretty much the King of the Scene, man." (Again, why do I know this stuff?) They opted to set up on the floor instead of the stage. "It was like so crucial, dude." Naw, seriously though, they were great. Then Fucked Up played. I think that anyone that has ever heard a punk-rock record, been to a punk show, or does a blog, has an opinion about this band. I'll just say that I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The singer Damian or Pink Eyes or whatever even made an AWA (wrestling) reference and said something about getting over. Not surprising, as he is known to have gigged-hardway on stage in the past. "Geez man, what a mark."

(clicked pics get bigger.)

I'm being 100% serious when I say that I'm not at all worried about the fact that this man is about to be a father.

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  1. me and D saw Fucked up in grinnell... yeah you heard me. grinnell. the show was good but the atmosphere was weird because it was in the dorms and we had to wait for someone with a pass to unlock the door.