Like whoooaa man! WTF!

I saw a very large black cock & balls about 15 minutes ago, on my ride into work. I rode past a very well-endowed African American individual, standing on his porch, proudly displaying his God-given gift for the world to see. Or at least anyone traveling down 11th Avenue. I just about crashed into a parked car when I first saw it. Not because I was enamored with the size of this man's package but because I couldn't believe that I had just been VIOLATED~! I had to look back to make sure I wasn't imagining anything. Sure enough, he had his flaccid, yet enormous, John Thomas-complete with two wiry haired black tennis balls-hanging out of his unzipped fly. And the best part was the huge grin on his face, as he looked at me as if to say "Oh yeah, this is happening. You fuckin' see it. Don't ignore it." Wow, I'm still in shock. What better way to start a Friday.

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  1. hahahha if that happened in philly no one would even blink. it probably happens on my block all the time.