"Brad would love this."

When grown men, with real ass lives and real ass problems...not real ass problems, like hemorrhoids. More like real-ass problems. Like "That's some real ass shit, man." Well, not like real ass shit, like actual feces, but like...oh fuck it, you get the idea. So yeah, when grown men with real-ass lives and real-ass problems, don't have anything to do on a sunny spring Sunday (SSS,) it's easy to pretend your a real-ass teenager and do real-ass teenage type stuff. And by that, I mean doing nothing. And by that, I mean actually doing stuff; but stuff that adds up to pretty much nothing. Stuff like sitting around various places, talking about how much Brad would love it if he was sitting around various places, doing nothing. Brad will be here next weekend. Not like the one that starts today, but like next weekend. And he will love it.

Brad will also love this^^

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