Dear BikeNewBlack, Recycle Punx

Dear BikeNewBlack,
In many of your pictures you're holding paper coffee cups. Have you ever considered a reusable travel mug? You're creating a lot of unnecessary waste. On another note: your Twitter bio says your the "King of Punk." I like older Black Flag stuff. (Jesus, have you heard the '82 demos?) Can you recommend a current band playing this style?
-Cap'n Glitterfuzz

Dear Captain,
The thing about the to-go coffee cup is, basically, it just looks cool. I won't go so far as to carry an empty one around, pretending that it's full, but I do advocate using it as a fashion accessory on occasion. (That occasion being at least once a weekend.) I recycle the cups and reuse clutches as much as I can, but those plastic lids are not doing anyone any favors. I agree, it is time for a travel mug. It's funny that you'd ask about this now; this weekend, while shopping for the GF's step-mother's Mother's Day gift (with latte' in hand, I might add) I came across this.

Speaking of recycling...There are several really good bands playing Black Flag style hardcore these days. My current favorite being Cult Ritual, from Florida. You can download, for free, most everything they have done so far, from their blog Cult Maternal. I've been rocking them (and the '82 Demos, actually) on my iPod at the gym. They are coming through the TC soon, and I don't plan on missing them. Thanks for writing in!

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