Fisher '09~Da Reunion

It's a Huskies-Beavers-Lynch Mob-4B kind of thing. This time with more crow's feet and Canadian jokes.

Ten feet away from the campfire= Canadian Bathroom ("Eleven if its a deuce.")

Doritos= Canadian Toothpaste

Jeans, a denim shirt and a jean jacket= Canadian Tuxedo

A blue tarp with a hole in it= Canadian Prom Dress ("No, the hole isn't for the head.")

Bigfork, MN~6/19-21/09


  1. Deet = Canadian cologne

  2. I am honored by the log with my name on it- Next year, I WILL BE THERE! I really missed out. But I do have another one to add to the list: Baby Wipes= Canadian Shower

    Love to All, Moy