it says jesus

...Loren (LG) Green told me about this sign...

...As I took the picture I thought to myself, "Is this to pedophiles what shoes hanging over a telephone wire are to drug dealers?" Think about it...

...Overheard on the bus:
"How your boos doin'? They bangin'?"
"No, they aint gang-bangin'."
"Yeah but are they bangin'?"
"Oooh, yeah. The youngest one is always shootin' at people already."
"That's why I'm glad I got girls. Males is different; the streets is always callin' them."...

...As promised, I wrote restaurant reviews from my trip to the edge of the wilderness...

...In other news...


  1. you restarant reviews are humourous. also your a racist.

  2. ^^ Learn how to spell and also the correct form of YOU'RE. I do love when people rip on other people on the internet but what about this makes BNB a racist? I'll give you this much, it did suck.