...The flappers at Colossal Cafe are delicious. However, they make them with so much yeast that you need to brush your teeth with Monostat 7 when you're done eating...

...I made myself LOL at that one^^...

...She's at it again. Twitter Abuse 2: Srsly? ...

...Mini Dear BikeNewBlack, :
Dear BNB, I'm moving in with my gf. Got any advice?
Dear Dipshit, Funny you should ask. The one thing-like the most important thing-above all the other less important things-like communicating, back rubs, flowers, keeping a clean house, going to bed at the same time, cuddling, watching chick flicks, etc.-the one most important thing that must be done when you move in with your gf is to make sure that when you fart, it really counts. You don't want to wear her out with piddly little farts. Never, ever let her hear or smell a mediocre fart. When you're around her, only the most incredible, ear piercing, pungent, wretched, that's-gonna-itch-when-it-drys-type farts are acceptable. You're going to get scoffed at anyway, so make it worth it.

...Photo battle: Bird on a Wire vs. The Cat's Meow ...

...I'm going to the Twin's game tonight with Dan, where he will eat his 24th hot dog in the span of a week...

...In other news...


  1. cats meow wins.

  2. First! BTW, this is lame.

  3. ^^haha not first. fail. i'm with first comment. clowning for the camera beats artistic vision any day-all day.

  4. http://tinyurl.com/kjh3jn

  5. Giver the ole Dutch Oven.