I think I'll stay out here

...I've been on the mend. I hurt my back yet again: Ouch! ...

...Overheard: "Well you know what they say about back pain? You gotta put it behind ya."...

...For adults who are in love, there is nothing in the whole wide world-not even child birth-that is more exciting and/or terrifying than making your first big, life-altering, hugely expensive purchase together: Awwwww ...

...Overheard: "You know what they say about gay dudes? They got friends up the ass."...

...I will now express my excitement for the following event, which takes place this Saturday, by using a triple tilde bang: UFC 100~!!! ...

"This fly won't leave me alone."
"Don't let it bug ya."...

"Hey do you wanna split a quarter?"
"Of what?"
"Oh I don't know, maybe acid, LSD, angel dust...duh, WEED, you dipshit."
"Ah, no thanks. But I would have until you called me a dipshit."...

...I'm selling tons of stuff for cheap: This, this, this, this, this and lots more. Action figures, comics, bike stuff, art, etc. Email me (thee.n.o.b@gmail.com) if you want anything...

...In other news...


  1. Brock is going to kill Frank Mir.

  2. Lolz @ the overheards.

  3. ^^lolz @ ur name.

  4. remember what happened last timeJuly 9, 2009 at 4:09 PM

    a blender? how sweet. your getting all domesticated.

  5. Trust me asshole, child birth is a thousand times the sun more exciting AND terrifying than buying a fucking blender.

  6. ^^lolz @ 1000 x the sun.

  7. i luv tht someone actually got mad at the child birth comment which was oviously a joke and not the gay joke.

  8. Good luck with that blenderJuly 10, 2009 at 3:41 PM

    Hugely expensive blender? That was part of the sarcasm, right? This is a hugely expensive (and awesome) blender http://tiny.cc/2mADX