Reader Submitted Content: Flat Track Roller Derby

Not wanting to go alone, I decided to skip the Capital Hill Block Party in Seattle. Instead, I went to the Bellingham Roller Betties HOT SUMMER FIGHTS Championship Game!!!

Two bouts total. The first one was Team Flash vs. The Jet City Hula Honeys, which were visting from Everett. Hula Honeys won. There was a Micheal Jackson inspired half time performance, on skates, by Scott SLAMilton, the Team Flash coach.

And in the Championship Bout: Tough Love vs. The Cog Blockers. Tough Love were victorious.

For the most part, I watched from the beer garden, which was sponsored by Boundary Bay.

Hot chicks in miniskirts and roller skates weren't the only ones going to war that night. There was also a mental collision between opposites, as I was drinking both Boundary Bay ESB and Rainer, from the taps.

The bathrooms were hockey arena style. It was the Sportsplex after all.

I ran into a few friends, including Big Vince.

The crowd, exactly as I had predicted, was not unlike that at an indie professional wrestling event.

After the games I made my way through the Hula Honeys blockers and went one-on-one with new crush and Hula Honeys jammer, Re-AnimateHER. (Updated with link.)

These girls can skate, and beat each other up while doing it. I would go again.



  1. is that your brother? dude looks just like you.

  2. ^^Except slimmer, younger, and less douchy.

    Is he wearing white gloves in the last pic?

  3. What's with posting old photos of yourself......oh wait, that's your brother? Good god it's a family affair now?

  4. bad tats on the two ugly onesJuly 30, 2009 at 11:37 AM

    @anonymous 11:22am

    I'm pretty sure that is exactly what BNB is going for. Fat, old and "douchy."

  5. Former "Fling"July 30, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    This is all fake. I "knew" BNB in real life when his name starts with an n and yes this is his brother. The only things same between HDD and n in real life is his childish dedication to punk rock and taking pictures and eating lots.

  6. Nothing wrong with pro rasslin brother! Nice work Rafe Balls.

  7. @Former "Fling"

    2006 called. It wants its animosity back.

  8. check out Re-animateHER profile pic. yes please!

  9. OMG there's two of you! What's a girl to do?

  10. minisota washinton its all the samelame itaint newyork!

  11. Current "Fling"July 30, 2009 at 3:15 PM

    @Former "Fling"

    Soooo in other words, HDD is exactly like his real life?? Also, Making No Sense called. He says you're giving him a bad name.

  12. ^^lolz @ that! sometimes subscribing to HDD comments is better than subscribing to HDD.