Distortion Days

Went to Distortion Days last weekend at the Bedlam Theater. Friday night, I arrived just before one of my favorite local bands, Cognitive Dissonance played. Even though they were without their normal lead singer they still ripped. Tierra De Nadie was next. In the past I've really liked them but now the dude from Discider sings. For whatever reason I just wasn't feeling it. Went to Taco Bell during Assrash to get a Crunchwrap Supreme, which would later result in me having an actual assrash. Back at the show, apparently I had just missed some crusty drama. The usual dispute over who stole who's booze culminated in a few stinky fellows beating down another stinky fellow. Of course none of the stinky fellows involved in said scuffle had actually paid to get in, but rather just hung around the entrance, drinking Natty Ice, not taking care of their dogs, and creating unwanted attention for the Bedlam. Punk rock, right? I decided it was a good time to tear into the cans of beer I had stockpiled in my bag and focus my energies on enjoying the rest of the bands-Absurd System, Aghast and Bludwolf. The place smelled like someone emptied out a porta-potty inside high school wrestling room. At some point I just quit washing my hands after pissing. I mean, what was the point right? A couple girls kept staring at me and eventually one of them approached me to ask if I was "that guy that does that blog?" I gave her a wink and said "maybe" and then shook her hand. Whoops. If you're reading this, sorry about the pissy hand shake. All three of the bands were quite excellent, as was the aforementioned stockpile of canned beer in my bag. My favorite dude was this guy...

I know he's in the pile-it-all-on stage and say what you will about how he's not a true anarchist because he doesn't wear all black but seriously, how could you not love this outfit? It is so badass that he wore it both days.

There was also this totally righteous dude wearing this totally righteous shirt...

How great is it that the skeletal hand is reaching for a Pepsi! "And she wouldn't give it to me!"

Saturday night, more of the same. Got there late again but luckily, just before local thrash band, Question. The grumbling around the room is that this might be the last time Question plays because Saira, the lead singer (also of Faggot), is leaving Mpls for the east coast. Bummer. They raged hard, as expected. Saira looked amazing. No big surprise there.

Absurd System played again for some reason. Perhaps because Nerveskade didn't show? Like I said, I was late. Either way I wasn't complaining. Plus I had another bag of brew with me. SSR were so fucking great. Because I was a little drunk and caught up in the excitement, I thought it was a good idea to take a million pictures...

My memory gets a little fuzzy at this point but I believe Perdition was next. All I know is SSR was a tough act to follow. I hadn't showered all weekend because, ya know, I wanted to fit in. So every time I lifted my arms up it smelled like a vegan wiping their ass with a dirty leather jacket. I hung around with new pal Josh, from Richmond, VA for a bit. We rocked out to Anguish.

My favorite people on the second day of a fest are the classic passer outers. Who knew Misery was such relaxing music...
Do I detect a scent of hummus?...


  1. no, that's a crusty eating their dog's food again.

  2. Last pic sums up not just the entire post but this whold blog as well.

  3. red cap and turqouise pantsAugust 21, 2009 at 4:15 PM

    ^^mispellings negate any possible humor. shitcock=fail.

    good post. love the "smells like" jokes.

  4. It's good to see after all these years you still have not lost your lust for life. There is nobody quite like you Nathan.

  5. Crust punk is so gross. Absurd System is good though. Being from New York and all.