Reader Submitted Content: Super Ghetto Hot Dog Stand

Outside of Cub Foods, Brooklyn Center, MN. Fri, Aug 14th.

I got out of my car and they started yelling at me. "I know you want a hot dog. Come over here and get yo-self a hot dog and a pop. I know you want a hot dog." I wanted one too, so that was odd, but not from this place. You could smell the shriveled, over cooked dinks on the grill. Too bad because it was 1:30 and I hadn't had lunch. I skipped it. I'm going to stop at McDonald's Meats on the way up to Bemidji. That's a Mutha-Fuckn' Pimped Meat Stand! I'm rolling now. I'll snag a pic if they're serving dogs. To be continued...

-Captain Hustle


  1. Ahhh okay? I won't hold my breath...

  2. Ghetto ya say? Racist much? Also poorly written. Aside from the title there is really nothing to draw the audience in. IOW Lame.

  3. So like was McDonald's better or what?

  4. Wow this is what I'm missing by not living in the midwest? Yikes! Coney Islands are the best.