Blogging has made me like so stupid.

Last night, while plowing through some Star Moon with the gf, I caught the end of the new Melrose Place show. (Btw, it's true what they say about the rude phone service at Star Moon.) A very good looking couple were making up after, what I guess, was a lover's quarrel. The women was apologizing, saying, among other things, that she had updated her Facebook profile status to reflect that she was in a relationship or engaged or something. For just a second I wanted to get really upset about this.

And believe me, I started to bitch.

Then occurred to me, this is a very real situation. And, in fact, I have unwantingly overheard an old roommate and her bf have this exact argument-about Facebook statuses-on more than one occasion. (Is unwantingly even a word?) Every day people are hearing about their daughter's first menstruation cycle via Facebook status changes, Twitter updates, blog posts, and so on, instead of finding the bloody undies in the laundry. (The pros & cons of social networking topic is pretty much exhausted at this point, so I'll spare you a lecture here.)

Anyway, I was thinking, you know how some people are "just not ready for a black president" or "just not ready for gay marriage to be made legal."? Well, I'm just not ready for Facebook statuses to be an integral part of my television programs.

But wait...then if occurred to me...

One of my favorite shows-Gossip Girl-is based entirely on an anonymous person (Gossip Girl) sending out "blasts" (Mass text message updates.)

So what's the fucking dif, ese'?

Answer: not fucking much, holmes.

Either way, I'm still not joining Facebook (even if it means I can't see pictures of my sister's kids) but I will accept that it's (quite possibly) an indispensable part of life and therefore is naturally going to impact television scriptwriters.

I'm most likely not watching Melrose Place. It looks pretty horrible.


  1. ok first u need to respond to me about what u wrote about juggalos stop being a little bitch its not cool to judge someone on clothes dumbass!

  2. Former "Fling"September 23, 2009 at 2:03 PM

    lolz at melrose pace. get over facebook already. its getting oooooooollllllllllllld.

  3. Oddly paced but entertaining and funny. Good job.

  4. Hated it.

    @Anonymous 1:59
    Stop bumping threads.

    @Anonymous 2:13
    Let me guess, "Senior Thesis?"

  5. The bloody undies are uncalled for.

  6. Gossip Girl? Really? ps: my name ;)

  7. Former "Fling"September 24, 2009 at 10:38 AM

    i bet you join fb now that youre bf jt is starring in the movie lol.