Dear BikeNewBlack, Ageism

Dear BikeNewBlack,
Punk is such a young man's game dontchathink? How do you keep up?
-Old Fake Punk

Dear OFP,
Last Saturday night I was at a bar wondering if my homie LG was going to show up. I knew he would dig the bands but I also knew he could potentially be too drunk to make it because he had been drinking since earlier that day (at his comic book release party.) Exactly one minute after I texted him, he walked in...

I was like "Oh, I just texted you."
And he was like "Oh, I don't get texts anymore."

And I was like "Bummer dude, because that was like an epic fucking text."

I'm at the Hex.
Decent bands.
Lots of beards.
I'm over it.
The beards, that is.
You coming?
To the Hex, that is.

So anyway, what was that you were saying? Oh yeah, punk, right. Uhmmm, yeah, it's totally for the young dudes.


  1. so the text was like an epic text or was an epic text? i dont get this writing like you're talking thing. and shouldn't there be a comma (or two) in there? talk about being old.

  2. ^^Says the person that doesn't cap the first word of a sentence.

  3. PS-Stop posting so late in the day.

  4. @Old Fake Punk
    Sorry if your looking for intelligent dialog about staying punk while getting old you came to the worg place.

    @Anonymous 5:20
    Love your gimmic dont ever cahnge.

  5. Nice.^


    @Anonymous 5:20
    What time do you work until? Do you prefer mornings?

    ps-I do love your *gimmick(period) Don't ever *change.

  6. No I guess I don't really know what I was looking for. Just trying to antagonize BNB a bit. It's not like I thought I was actually going to get advice or anything. I'm a bitter old punk and I struggle with getting older everyday.

  7. I work until 5:30. But if you posted before noon that would work best for me. Afternoons are busy. Toodles!

  8. Dude looks like he's on heroin.