It went something like this...

Friday. J-Sho drives the wrong way down a one-way. Cop is coming towards us. In order to avoid a head-on with said cop, J-Sho pulls into the exit of a car wash. Cop is unimpressed. Breaded steak sandwich at Punky's. Pacifico and Stella at Kate's house. Dead Milkmen and Murder City Devils at the Congress Theater. Also, about a million High Lifes. Budweiser at the Beachwood Inn. We meet the Beachwood Reporter. He grew up in Bloomington, MN. Nice guy. Chicken fried steak at the Steak and Egger. Pass out at Kate's. Saturday. J-Sho has an "emergency" when the ATM eats her card. Turns out it was the kind of card-eating emergency where you actually put your card back in your purse after swiping it, and then proceed to freak out about how "the machine ate my card." We lol'd. Lou Malnati's Pizza delivery at an unmarked bar called the Bridgeport Inn, Renegade Craft Show at the Empty Bottle. Lakeshore drive. Beers at Kate's. Tattoo art show at Intuit. Smoked meat sandwich at the Silver Palm. Tap beers at the Cobra Lounge. Skip out before the free Lower Class Brats show starts. Pass out at Kate's.

Chicago, IL, 10/9-11/09

Bridgeport Inn

The Empty Bottle

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