Out West~Part 2: United States of Swap Meet (Meat)

Fountain Valley to Costa Mesa to Newport Beach, CA, 10/25/09.


  1. lets get a taco!

  2. Why can't I be Mr. Black?

  3. "Some other guy on some other job is Mr. Black. You're Mr. Pink!

  4. The cop from Tim Roth's storyOctober 27, 2009 at 9:06 PM

    So my gun's drawn, right? I got
    it aimed right at him. I tell
    'em, "Freeze, don't fuckin move." And the little idiot's lookin at
    me, nodding his head "Yes," sayin
    "I know...I know...I know." Meanwhile his right hand is
    creepin towards his glove box. So
    I scream at him, "Asshole, you
    better fuckin freeze right now!"
    And he's still lookin right at me,
    saying "I know...I know...I know." And his right hand's still going for the glove box. I tell 'im, "Buddy, I'm gonna shoot you in the face right now if you don't put your hands on the fuckin dash." And the guy's girlfriend, a real sexy Oriental bitch, starts screamin at him, "Chuck, are you out of your mind? Put your hands on the dash like the officer said." And then like nothing, the guy snaps out of it and casually puts his hands on the dash.