Event Reminder: Back Alley Gallery Annual Fall Sale starts tonight!

Is it weird that I was just in the corner store over my lunch break and found myself staring into the beer cooler for a solid two minutes? I'm not even sure how I got there. I think I just needed to get some cash. It's obviously Friday. So that means tonight is the opening of Annual Fall Sale down at the BAG.  This year a portion of  proceeds will be donated to our freind Lora.  Yeah, the same Lora that's getting all the money from my zine.  Oh, what, you didn't hear?  Uh huh, that shit is out, like now...

And in other news, you can cop them shits tonight...


  1. now thats punk rock!

  2. Got my copy today. Nice to meet you in person. Good stuff. Issue #2, yes please.