HotDogDayz-the 'Zine available this weekend.

Well it's official, HotDogDayz issue #1 is done. All the stuff you've come to hate about HotDogDayz is now available in a good old-fashioned cut-n-paste art 'zine. 26 pages of collages, fashion, photography, punk rock, graffiti, pro-wrestling, roadkill and other crap you'll extremley dislike. Black and white with a full color centerfold. Asking price is 5 bucks.  Wait, hold on a sec before you scoff at that.  All proceeds from the sale of issue #1 will go to my friend Lora (pictured) to help in her battle against cancer. See, now 5 bucks doesn't seem that bad does it, asshole?  The first time HDD will be available is this weekend at the Back Alley Gallery Annual Fall Sale.  Please visit theBackAlleyGallery for more info on that.  Those of you that don't live in the TC or can't make it down to the BAG that would like to purchase a copy of my 'zine and donate to Lora's fight, can do so by either using Paypal (link on the right side) or by emailing me.  Like I said, 5 bucks is the asking price.  However, ANY amount is acceptable and greatly appreciated.

In other news... 


  1. I'm sure the zine will suck but nice thing you're doing for your friend.

  2. Yea! I look forward to this. And what a nice thing you are doing with the money.

  3. I'm in for a couple. Nice idea.