Reader Submitted Content: My Day So Far in MS Paint

I love making MS Paint drawings.  A brief window into my day thus far:

P1. Facing the daunting challenge of completing a 5 hour shift, I embrace the one constant that hasn’t failed me…coffee.

P2. I stare at numerous sheets of paper that all have strange symbols and graphs. What can they mean? The tools needed to translate their cryptic hieroglyphics into tangible work is beyond my reach, those tools of course being work ethic and raw intelligence.

P3. A brief respite from the paper comes to me in the form of a delicious submarine sandwich. It’s maker was obviously deft with both meat selection and surgical incision. I marvel at the intricate sheets of cow, pig, and chicken as well as the clean separation of both halves. Perhaps today will be good after all.

P4. HEAVY METAL! My daily release from purgatory upon me, I rush to Station 4 to watch leather-clad men pretend they are pirates. This causes an overflow of testosterone and I feel the need to either build something or to squish the nearest spider. Between bands I drink the most regal of all beers…Pabst Blue Ribbon, hail Odin!


  1. Hire this guy then fire yourself.

  2. Damn you shitcock.

  3. I agree w/ poop dick. The best thing to happen to this blog in....well, ever.

  4. the pain pills piece and the record reviews were good.

  5. Anyway, this guy obviously posesses a super intellect