3 Things: Ode To Ye Olden MySpace Bulletins (RIP)

3 things I like to eat.
a. Brats
b. Pizza
c. Cheese

3 things that kinda creep me out
a. Nazis
b. Rats
c. Rednecks

3 things that make me lol.
a. Germans
b. New Yorkers
c. Packers Fans


  1. 3 things that kinda creep me out
    a. the master race
    b. insecure people
    c. beer bellies

  2. A. muckluks
    B. jealousy
    C. soul asylum
    D. prince
    E. hockey
    F. turtleneck sweaters
    G. "winter weight"
    H. "going up north for the weekend"
    I. atmosphere
    J. "pert near"
    K. non-ironic beards.

    I could totally finish the alphabet here but you get the idea. Uff-dah, I'm tired! That's how you say uff-dah, right?