TWSS~Best of the '00s

As the end of a decade has officially come to a close we find ourselves debating not only if the end of the decade has actually come to a close but also which is the better television show of the last ten years-The Wire or The O.C.  And while I do believe the latter to be a very crucial argument, (the former, after all, seems to be quite obvious) I think we should take a moment here to acknowledge a few other creatures that rose to historical importance during the double zeros.

Best Derogatory Term to Accurately Describe a Douchebag

Best Beer
Tie- Coors Light. Pabst Blue Ribbon.
While existing on opposite ends of the domestic canned beer taste spectrum, they are, depending on how you define 'douchebag', essentially the same thing.

Best Witty Rebuttal to a Double Entendre in Which is Contained a Possible Sexual Innuendo
That's what she said.
D-Bag #1-"Those tall boys go down smooth."
D-Bag #2-"That's what she said."

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