Dear BikeNewBlack, Gone Fishin'

Got a good one today...FINALLY.

Dear BNB,
To answer your question:  omg, yes!  Pretty much anything Jay Reatard or punk rock. 

Dear Jay Reatard,
Go ahead and die now...oh wait, you did.  Mmk thx.

And btw, you're the one that's fat.  How's that for trolling, bitch?!
IP Address

Dear IPA,
Wow, harsh.  But thanks, I really needed this. 

I find it extemeley annoying when bloggers get all self-referential about their actual blog itself and start to address and/or acknowledge the readers in a post rather than the actual comments section.  Or when they talk about how many readers they have.  For the record, I would never do that. 

We had a good thing going here for a bit: Dear BNBs and Reader Submitted Contents' were arriving semi-regularly and posts were often followed by a steady stream of comments.  It was as if we were building a little community here.  Then it just sort of, well, stopped.  I suppose my shtick had worn off or people were busy with the holidays or whathaveyou.  I must admit, it hurt a bit when you all disapeared.  But it hurt even more when you didn't come back.  Any blogger that claims that they could care less about readers and are "just doing this for (them)sel(ves)" are full of shit.  I should know; I too claimed that at the beginning. 

After awhile I began to wonder if any of you were still out there and if so, if you'd play along.  So I tried a different approach: good ole' fashioned trolling.  I poked fun at a dead celebrity and local hip-hopers, called the Beatles fans out on liking a horrible band, made fun of classical literature and Uggs,  called New Yorkers fat, made ridiculous generalizatons about  Germans, New Yorkers (again) and 'Sconies, said I wouldn't watch the Jersey Shore and then went back on my word (in which I included a link to a disgusting picture of a naked penis accompanied by a horrendous hernia.)  But still, none of this really seemed to work.  (It wasn't until I got all emo that you seemed to respond again.) Then yesterday I took a stab at New Yorkers yet again.  (It doesn't take you long to install some sort of tracking device to see who's visiting your site.) 

And today, in this very post, I included no less than ten eleven links to older posts of mine to drive up hits on my blog. 

Dammit people, I'm trying to build an empire here.

80 to 100 of you visit HDD weekly and about half of you check it on a daily basis. Would it kill you to admit it once in awhile?

Oh, and IP Address, to answer your question: that's damn fine work...bitch!

the end?


  1. skinny West CoasterJanuary 21, 2010 at 7:23 PM

    this whole blog is PHAT! if you put hate out there, hate is what you'll get back. I'm quessing you knew that. this blog is Bad (bad meaning good!)

  2. ^ that was me. BNB is a great scene hater. nothing more fun than making claims, and watching people freak out over them. it sucks he's right about most of them.

  3. NO, that was ME!^

  4. RO'B, I think the point BNB was making is that he was in fact making stupid claims to fire people up but nobody was actually feaking out about it. It's not like he actually said anything too crazy though. The Beatles do suck.

  5. ^^and lableing the posts "trolling" sort of defeated the purpose.

  6. last time i look at this ever.

  7. this is some funny rap musicJanuary 22, 2010 at 10:28 AM

    I see what you did there.

  8. the thing about hdd its not the type of blog that you come back to regularly to check comments.

  9. Is this your last post?

  10. WTF do you mean, "the end?"? You forgot to mention the picture of dog penis. That was uncalled for.