i know a place

January Fest III-Night 1, Cognitive Dissonance, False, El-Ahrairah, Mutagen, Thrash Compactor, Terrordactyls, Bedlam Theater, Mpls, MN, 1/15/10.

the up and commers. 

on some next gen ishnit.

up the kidz.

the punx too.


  1. I know the pics tell the story. but. any favorites? what did it smell like? well, I know what it smelled like. a favorite back patch? I passed this blog onto the "metal boys" Muscles and I have been hanging with. they run a ton of band names by me that I have never of. we spent a good portion of sat night singing in our best metal (iron maiden) voices.

  2. Well, Cog Dis have been a fav for a few years now. I was totally not expecting El-Ahrairah's ambient, noisy black metal. Really great stuff. Truly, I loved them all. Check out all of their MySpace pages.

    ps-Actually didn't smell as bad as you'd think. Of course, I was a little stuffy and had drank several...

  3. *El-Ahrairah, the mpls version, not the new york one.