Dammit Jay!

Autopsy came back. Fucking "cocain toxicity" and alchol. Why the fuck? I was really, really, like really hoping it wasn't drugs.  Dammit, why did it have to be drugs?

Here's the thing kids--COCAINE IS FUCKING DANGEROUS!  I mean if  you're going to mess around with powder, of course you're going to use it with alcohol.  Otherwise what's the point, right?  I get that.  And just to be clear: I'm not by any means encouraging; I'm just saying, I understand how coke works and what it works best with.  But please, please, fucking please, if you must indulge (and you shouldn't), do so very, very carefully.  Absolutley no cocaine after 2am and with every beer/drink you should also have a glass of water.  Fuck that, TWO glasses of water.  And  for the love of...ugh!...whatever, just keep the lines on the small side.  Fuck the rails and fuck the baby arms.  Or, how about this...don't do fucking coke.

Yes, this ruins things a little bit.      


  1. Colindarko commented | 20 days ago
    the man, the myth and the legend. RIP Jay Reatard. "He tried to attack us with a chainsaw after throwin around wads of money and burnin 20s and askin us if we thought he was a sellout but he was so fd on coke he couldnt even turn it on then he hit me in the face with a disco ball full of sand and cracked my nose open and kicked us out of his house after he invited us there to stay there and i was all bloody and my friends slashed his tires it sucked He was smokin coke out of a skull bong and freebasin and had 50 grand in his closet" - local band Liquor Store's run-in with Jay Reatard last week RIP.

  2. I read that^, well 20 days ago, in the comments of MTV.com's report of his death.