Open Call For HDD Interns

Okay, what we really need are regular contributors but calling them interns makes us feel more important. Not to mention the idea of bloggers having interns seems absurd (like Missy Elliot wearing a sequined Code 13 tee shirt [vid] or Lady Gaga sporting Doom patches [vid]) and, in case you haven’t noticed lately, we love absurd things. We got the idea to get some interns from an email that came in earlier this week…

(I cut out the parts where she talks about being confused as to who BNB is and why we’re always saying “we” when we talk about HDD and who the “Nathen” is that the commenter “Former” Fling always references. [Which reminds me: where is “F”F these days?])

Dear BNB, Your not posting enough anymore. Plus your kind of old. You need an HDD intern.

Well we discussed it and--aside from mistakenly using your instead of you’re, not once but twice--we decided that she had, in fact, a fantastic idea. As summer approaches, we’ll be spending way more time on BBBBQs (bicycles, babes & bar-barbcue) and watching World Cup Soccer than we will on HDD anyway. Plus, as she was so kind to point out, we are kind of old. We can’t stay out late every night and stay on top of pop culture and be up on the latest fashion and go see all the rad bands and go to all the hipster art openings and keep up our steady regiment of using MS Paint to draw Hitler ‘staches on famous people anymore. So why not hire someone to do it for us?! We really need to move this thing to the next level, ya’ll. Some youthful energy around the office will provide a shot of much needed inspiration.

If you want to be a regular HDD contributor but don’t mind being called an intern (at least for a little while), start by sending an email to bnb@hotdogdayz.com. Serious inquires only. No, srsly.


  1. this is some funny rap musicApril 7, 2010 at 4:49 PM

    I'm 30. Too old?

  2. Is the New Era cap over the ears or under the ears?

  3. dude, i got this! did you get my email yet?


  5. same IP Address as Anon9:55April 8, 2010 at 10:33 AM