Weekly Top Ten 4/19-25/10

New Feature. Because we know how much you like so totes care. These are the favs around HDD hq this week. In no particular order...

Japandroids-Post Nothing CD
Jaguar Love-Hologram Jams CD
Bukake Boys-2nd EP
Pissed Jeans-King of Jeans CD
St. Paul Spring Art Crawl, Lowertown-St.Pl, MN
Rave Revival (No, srsly, it's killing us. Literally)
Moose & Sadies Cafe Coffee, Mpls, MN
Risstetyt and SSR live @ Hexagon Bar, Mpls, MN
Minnesota Twins
Rolling Nowhere: Riding the Rails With America's Hoboes -by Ted Conover

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  1. um cha um cha um cha um um um um um cha um cha.