Beer-Soaked Blasts of Chaos

Happy Hour with the D4, Turf Club, StPl, MN, circa Summer '00.
Nathan G. O'Brien

It was a Saturday afternoon in the summer. I believe Dillinger Four vs. God had just come out or was about to come out. J-Sho and I went. She drove her old Honda Civic with all the bumper stickers on it. If I recall correctly I was wearing my D4 shirt but turned it inside out before we went in to the Turf, as to not break my don’t-wear-the-shirt-of-the-band-to-the-concert rule. (Motley Crue is one of--if not thee--only exception to said rule.) Although an early show, it was more along the lines of Alcoholics Anonymous than it was All Ages. We sat in the last booth and got fairly drunk, as did the band, as did everyone in the place.  (I don't mean we all sat in the same booth.  I mean we all got fairly drunk.  You know what I mean, right?) Some guy with a wife beater, black jean shorts and a really bad fu manchu kept yelling “I’m getting married tomorrow. What the fuck is up with that?!” I remember thinking to myself that perhaps the more appropriate question would be A) who gets married on a Sunday?  Or B) who let you out of the house in that outfit?

I recently submitted these pics as (and some others that I’ll post soon) to Maximum Rock-n-Roll Magazine. We’ll see what happens…


  1. Between yesterday's post and this I'm finally getting the whole "its sorta like salad days" thing.

  2. Those were the salad days...