Totes Quotes 5/25/10

A couple weeks back I sent BNB an email titled Gay Unicorn with this link. Punctual fellow that he is, he just replied to me today.
"All unicorns are gay. Just like all girls are bisexual and all black men smoke menthols. Blame genetics."
"That's not true. You just wish it was."

"Okay, not ALL unicorns are gay."
I'm Faster Than My Shadow

(ed note-I image searched "unicorn, bisexual, Kools" and this was the first pic that came up. ???)

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  1. you know what they say about chinese guys. fuck one and your horny again in an hour.

  2. WHOA! How about a NSFW warning on that unicorn link!! Not cool.

  3. this is funny for those that get it.

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