All The Guys Are Here

The t-shirts I was talking about said I Survived Beer Camp 2000 and we all wore them proudly...even though none of us had technically survived yet. Depending on which definition of survival you use, those t-shirts may have been false advertising. Come to think of it, there are in fact people I have not seen since. Hmmm? Anyway, everyone got exceptionally wacky, parents were sworn in front of, street dance stages were hijacked and there may or may not have been a late-night "joint subcommittee" on a trampoline. Also there was lots of beer back at camp. At least at the start of the weekend.

Beer Camp, Staples-Motley, MN, Summer '00


  1. who could possibly care?

  2. Your freinds look like a bunch of squares. Do you fancy yourself the lone hipster douche lost in a see of bros? LOL.