Totes Quotes 6/7/10

Your favorite neo-Nazi homewreaker-Bombshell is at again. Last week during a Canadien interview she was asked if wearing a Nazi costume implied racism. This is what she had to say aboot it eh...

"No not racism...anti-Semitism? Yes."

Uuuuhm, okay???
AKA this is some funny rap music

Hey Anders,
Kind of a late-slip but we'll give it to you because of the "aboot it eh."


  1. Anders is the worst.

  2. give the guy a breakJune 8, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Anders is easy to hate because he comes on here all the time and kisses HDD ass. However, the same old negative comments are boring. I think it's nice that someone isnt afraid to admit he actually likes reading this site. That being said, "this is some funny rap music" is quite possibly the most annoying screen name ever.

  3. ^^that is clearly bnb not want anders to stop suckin his cock.

  4. ^^That is clearly someone who hasn't taken a Freshman Composition class.