Weekly Top Ten 5/24-30/10

Community and Parks & Recreation on NBC
Pretty much love every character on both of these shows. Perfect for lazy Sunday afternoon OnDemanding.

Buzzcocks live @the Fine Line, Mpls, MN

Target Field, Mpls, MN
2nd time to make a WTT; and we're not even tbig a baseball fans. And we chose a baseball game over MDC and the Restarts. The place must be really cool if we're picking baseball over punk rock.

Twins Big Dog @ Target Field
Also making it's 2nd WTT appearance. That's because its the B E S T H O T D O G E V E R. And it comes with chips.

McDonald’s Liquor Store
, South Mpls, MN
HDD seal of approval. Do it.

Re-taught ourselves (AKA looked it up on the internets) the ins and outs of wheatpasting this weekend. Did some mock-ups using images we created for the Franco project. Oh yeah, It's happening.

The Clash-Black Market Clash-LP
I've had Super Black Market Clash on CD for awhile but for years I've only had a cassette copy of the OG (pre Super) Black Market Clash dubbed off of my uncle's vinyl. After last weekend's Duluth run, I now have my own. Bankrobber/Robber Dub all day!

Yet another WTT two-timer. The HDD staff did three BBQs in three days over the weekend. Kabobs, ribs, chicken drummies, bacon burgers and lots of canned domestic alcoholic beverages were had. G.B.A! Boom, goes the gut.

Group Bike Rides
Makin' 'em happen.

Long Weekends


  1. wait so you did or did not like the buzzcocks concert???

  2. also i would assume you would have been wheat pasting years ago???

  3. this is some funny rap musicJune 2, 2010 at 2:33 PM

    What is G.B.A?

  4. ^^God Bless America. Duh, dude.