Weekly Top Ten 6/14-20/10

Gateway Fountain, Mpls, MN
Great spot to cool down after a morning ride to work or to eat your lunch. Never mind the transients; they're just passing through. Never mind the joggers; they just have great boobs.

Best Name Ever-Two Boys Gumete
NSC Minnesota Stars midfielder from Durban, South Africa.

TV Carnage's Let's Work It Out at MCAD, Mpls, MN
Pinky Carnage (TVC creator Derrik Beckles) was a no show. But he did send along a personal message in which he called our state bird Prince & The Revolution. That joke never gets old. And even though LWIO is a humorous compilation of old workout video clips, we've been inspired to get back in shape.

Ron Artest's post game promo

2010 FIFA World Cup
If you're lucky you just might catch BNB in a USA jersey, believe it or not.

Guilty Simpson-OJ Simpson-CD
It's a rare occasion that we'll take a recommendation from the Onion's AV Club. But it isn't so much their review that sold us as it was the fact that it's a Madlib production.

Grant Lake, Beltrami County, MN
Great swimming. Also, if you're fishing in a canoe, we recommend staying in the part of the lake that's referred to as "little grant."

Bemidji Area Department of Natural Resources
We would like to personally thank the DNR for clearing out fallen trees from the section of the Mississippi River between South Fern Lake Rd and Beltrami County Rd #11. If you hadn't we would have been seriously effyouseekayed.

Having a bass cannon in your car.
Sometimes when you buy a used car it comes with a bass cannon and you just have to embrace it even if the last time you were 23 was awhile ago. Of course you can't use it in the city without looking like an asshole or getting pulled over. But when you get out on that open road...well, let's just say, there is nothing quite like blasting dubstep through a cannon while roaring down a gravel road in northern MN.

All of the great fathers of the world-past, present & future, Happy Father's Day. We love you!

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