Catching That Kodak Kidd

Sometimes a piece of art just crushes you. Like when I saw Basquiat's Sugar Ray joint at the Walker in 2004, I got all choked up. I got up close and just stared at the thing from every angle for like 20 minutes. Same thing happened this past spring at Dwitt & Bowman's Gone Bye Bye show. Well, when you're in the yard you don't always have time take it all in right then and there. You gotta flick and keep moving. But then you come across something hot and/or legendary and you're like damn, that's the Kodak Kidd right there and boom, you get caught up.

Bemidji, MN, 6/21/10

For those that don't know, or want more, there is a nice podcast with the KK that can be downloaded here or on iTunes. He also has his own Flikr site.


  1. you didnt slap an fjf over it? :)

  2. monikers can be so nice. like this one. nice flik too.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, I'm honored!