The History of Punk-Part 2

Compiled from more old shit...

I did a quick weekend budget plan before leaving work on Friday. I somehow managed to squeeze "getting the new Bad Brains disc" onto my post-it note spreadsheet.

Me plus record store equals me spending more money than I should.

After all, they may have an old Cinderella, Bullet Boys or Britny Fox record.

Purple Rain is one of the reasons I live in Minneapolis.

What keeps me young? Punk rock, hip hop, bikes, art, "the kids." Sound familiar? Same broken record…over…and over…and over…and over…and over…and over…

I Spent 7th grade trying to figure out how to get in chicks' pants.

Youth culture and an unceasing pursuance of the good times. It's my burden. "It's my cross to bear." Perhaps it will lead to my eventual downfall. Perhaps it already has. Like the sticker says: "It's all good."

Mpls, MN, circa fall 2005


  1. 7th grade??? did you even have pubes yet?

  2. Could you even gat a boner?

  3. Calling this punk is obviously a troll but aside from that I've enjoyed these so far. Endless pictures of graffiti tends to get stagnent. It would be nice to see more written content on here.

    What the hell happened to the guy in the picture?

  4. What she^ said but keep the graff.

  5. Jesus dude, what happened? Dude's nipple looks jacked.