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Does the weather effect how you feel? Does it affect your art?
Yeah, I guess so. It's not usually the only determining factor in how I feel though. I mean just because it's nice outside doesn't mean I'm going to feel good about it. Especially if I'm stuck inside working or even if I had planned on staying inside all day watching wrestling tapes and eating pizza or something. Then I feel shitty because it's nice out and I don't feel like taking advantage of it. Also, if it's cold and rainy and I gotta ride a long ways, I'm not that happy about that either. Last summer I spent a lot of time at the beach and I guess that had a positive effect on how I felt. This past winter, when it snowed, it reminded me that I used to snowboard and that sort of had a negative effect on how I felt because it reminded me I'm not doing it anymore. As far as seasonal depression goes though, no, I don't really deal with any of that. And how or if it affects my art, I'm not really sure. Probably in some minuscule way; but not in the cliche' that's-why-there-are-so-many-great-artists-from-Minneapolis-or-Seattle,-because-the-weather-is-shitty kind of way. I mean, my stuff is kind of garbage anyway.


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