Totes Quotes 7/20/10

Some sartorial advice for those on the prowl:

"When you're standing in front of the mirror, trying on outfits for the evening, it's best to do so with a drink in your hand. That way you'll see exactly what the ladies will see."
-Christian Lyter (AKA Anonymous)

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  1. sound advice. also, i miss being able to go on "the prowl."

  2. Hey I'm anonymous too!

  3. I have a beer in my hand in every picture ever taken since I was legal. Now, I just hide them behind my leg or something. starting to get a complex.

  4. I have a soda in my hand in every picture taken since the day I turned into a pussy who has a complex about about what kind of beverage I'm holding in a photograph.

  5. PS-this dude trying to steal the Darkhorse's gig.

  6. this is some funny rap musicJuly 20, 2010 at 6:27 PM

    Safe to say Coors Light is The Darkhorse.