Weekly Top Ten 6/28/10-7/4/10

Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin @ UFC 116
Although it was fun to see Lesnar get the shit beat out of him for 99% of round one, it was more fun to see him come back in the 2nd round and choke out Carwin. In training for this fight, Lesnar worked with Randy Couture on chokes and neck cranks, and it proved to be beneficial. Although, we would eventually like to see Lesnar lose in a third fight with Frank Mir, growing up in the era of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, we understand the value of dominant champions and for the time being we will be rooting for him. Plus he turned babyface and popped the crowd in his post-fight promo.

The Hold Steady live @ the Cabooze, Mpls, MN
Watched for free from outside the gate. We're going to go ahead and be music snobs and say the best thing about seeing The Hold Steady live is the memories of the TC's beloved Lifter Puller. But Craig Finn did crack a good funny about losing his fake ID at age 18 the last time he was at the Cabooze.

Gay Camping on the St. Croix River, Stillwater, MN
All we can say is it involves lots of booze, a little substance abuse, a plethora of hardbodied,tan homosexual men and all the dance music you can stomach...and then some. Pretty much the living, breathing embodiment of f-u-n.

In Defence and Disaster Strikes live @Eclipse Records, St.Pl, MN
There were a couple other bands playing too, but these two were the only ones that mattered.

Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays @Target Field, Mpls, MN, 7/3/10
Even though the Twins didn't end up on the winning end, it was everything you could want out of a baseball game: home runs galore, (one of which was a grand slam) records being broken, and big game-changing innings. The exact opposite of boring. And plus, the hot dogs and nachos in this place are bomb.

Work Of Art on Bravo
We love this show.
Society Nurse-Junk Existence-7 inch DL
Raging hardcore punk from Seattle, WA.

Crimin De Estado-2009 promo EP-7 inch DL
Raw hardcore punk en espana.

Criaturas-demo cassette-DL
Spanish hardcore punk from Austin, TX.

John McEnroe namedropping the Sex Pistols during a Wimbledon broadcast
Okay, so maybe we're short on material this week. But ,it was cool when John McEnroe mentioned the Sex Pistols while talking about his history-making 1980 Wimbledon championship match against Bjorn Bjorg.

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